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“What Kind of Adult Would Your Child Grow Into If You Started Consciously Shaping Her Beliefs For a Lifetime of Happiness, Self-Confidence and Success?”

Even the most loving parents unintentionally damage their child’s future by instilling negative beliefs in them. The parenting method of Belief Shaping can liberate you from this common parenting mistake.

You CAN get your child to do what you need them to do without squashing
their spirit!

It’s been a rough day. Work was grueling and traffic was brutal. Now that you’re home, all you want to do is curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. But one task remains – tucking your child into bed. Which is, of course, easier said than done.

It’s 9pm and he doesn’t drink coffee, so why is he jumping around like a kangaroo on steroids? Why would he rather tackle his sister and prance around in his dirty jeans instead of his nice, soft pajamas? Why won’t he accept your bribe of ice cream in the morning in exchange for just going to bed right now?

After 30 minutes you’re getting nowhere, your tea’s cold and you’re this close to transforming into Jack Nicholson from The Shining. The way you see it, there are only 3
options left:

A) Grab him by the neck and force him into bed.
B) Threaten him with nothing but broccoli for a week if he doesn’t go to bed NOW!
C) Throw your arms in the air, give up, and let him sleep when he feels like it.

Hi, I’m Shelly Lefkoe.

I am a parenting educator and proud mother of two amazing daughters. I know you want the best for your children and that is why you are on this page. The reason I have chosen this career is because I am committed to helping people like you tackle the most important job on the planet—raising children.

In addition to raising my daughters, I have also spent the last 25 years working with thousands of clients worldwide through my organization, The Lefkoe Institute. In doing this work, I have discovered that behind virtually all unwanted behavioral and emotional problems are negative beliefs that are created in early childhood. Everyday issues like low self-esteem, procrastination, poor body image and eating disorders, failure, lack of motivation, and unsatisfying relationships are not a natural part of human development. In early interactions with our parents we form beliefs including: I am not good enough, I’m not important, I’ll never get what I want in life, People can’t be trusted, and I’m powerless.

It is a combination of these beliefs that underlies almost all of our problems. In other words, the problems your children are facing right now and the ones they will face in the future are a direct result of how you raise your children today.

Almost all of these beliefs are caused by parents who react in typical ways when they are upset with their children. Tragically, even the most well-meaning parents often unknowingly burden their children with beliefs that will hinder them later in life by criticizing, invalidating, yelling at, ignoring, or withholding affection from their children.

As parents, we all experience similar challenges.

I want to help you help your child create positive beliefs that will lead to a healthy, joyful, successful life.

I am talking about beliefs that will empower your child, beliefs that will lead to high self-esteem, true happiness, good grades in school, a rewarding and successful future, and deep, loving relationships.

I invite you to join me in this journey and all I ask is that you open your mind to re-evaluating the way in which you parent. I’m asking for you to be willing to understand that your actions are literally shaping your child’s future. I will provide you with the simple skills, tools, and principles you need to empower your child to live his or her best life.

Be my partner in creating a world where people don’t resort to violence and instead, treat each other with dignity and respect. Where kids are not afraid to fail, and they grow up to be innovators who are not afraid to follow their passions. Where adults look back on their childhoods with happy memories and thrive as they encounter life’s obstacles. Join me in helping our children reach their fullest potential!

What kind of adult would your child grow into if you start consciously shaping
her beliefs for a lifetime of happiness, self-confidence and success?

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Remember, you are not raising a child – you are raising an adult. Their experiences today will impact them for their entire lives. Sadly, negative beliefs can be formed any day at any given moment…

They can be formed when you’re negotiating with your children to finish their homework, when you are at the playground or even when you’re trying to tuck them into bed.

But, here’s the good news:

Whether you are about to become a parent for the first time, already have a young child, or you are the parent of a teen who may have already developed a few negative beliefs… it’s never too late to change the way you parent!

There is an ideal solution to every parenting challenge and there are ways to protect your children from forming the negative beliefs that hinder so many of us as adults.

    You can ensure that:

  • Your child grows into a productive, responsible and conscious adult with healthy self-esteem, a career they enjoy and healthy loving relationships.
  • Your child is happy and engaged, so she does better in school, knows what she wants and doesn’t feel the need to act out.
  • You connect with your child on a deep level, with less grief and frustration, fewer arguments, and more moments of empathy and bonding.
  • You enjoy all aspects of parenting and are confident in knowing that you are setting your child up with a strong foundation that will serve her for the rest of her life.

WHY? Every child’s favorite word!

Parents around the world know that a child’s favorite question is WHY? They want to know why they have to go to bed, why the sky is blue, why dogs bark, and why people cry. They are busy learning about the world and how it works, so their little minds are constantly looking for answers to questions that are both simple and complex. Sometimes they will ask the questions out loud and sometimes they only ask them in their heads, and it is the answers they find that will begin to shape their beliefs about themselves and the world.

Imagine a young child who is excited to see his mom when she gets home. All that child wants is love and attention, but everyday that child is brushed aside so that phone calls can be made or dinner can be cooked or the vacuum can be run. That child will absolutely and without a doubt want to know WHY?

Why am I not important? Why is she on the phone or cleaning or cooking instead of paying attention to me?The answers children form in their heads are often the root causes of negative beliefs. If you can learn how to teach your children to answer these questions in ways that will lead to positive belief formation, you will not only prevent them from forming negative beliefs, but you will instill in them the confidence they need to be successful in life.

The question is: How are you as a parent facilitating your child’s thought process? Are you guiding her why’s? Are you helping her shape beliefs that will hold her back… or set her free?

Kids rarely want to do what WE want them to do. For example, what five-year-old wants to:

  • Sit still in a restaurant?
  • Brush her teeth?
  • Do his chores?
  • Go to sleep?
  • Clean up her toys?

Yet somehow we still we expect our children to do these things with no fuss!

There are different ways to handle these situations and how you handle them matters—not only in terms of how effective you will be in earning your child’s cooperation, but also in terms of how these situations will affect your child’s self-esteem.

The 5 most common behavioral problems people have, and the sneaky negative beliefs that cause them.

To help you fully understand how beliefs are formed, let me tell you about the thousands of clients I’ve worked with.

I’ve helped chronic procrastinators. People who are obsessed with what others think of them. People with low self-esteem, high stress levels, a fear of failure, anxiety, poor relationships and chronic unhappiness.

What I’ve found is that most of these challenges stem from these five common beliefs:

  1. “I’m not good enough.”
  2. “Mistakes and failures are bad.”
  3. “If I make a mistake and fail, I will be rejected.”
  4. “I’m not important.”
  5. “ What makes me good enough is having other people think well of me.”

The big question here is, where do these beliefs come from? The answer can only be explained once you understand how beliefs are formed:




“I’m not good enough”

Low self-esteem

Excessively criticizing your child

“I’m not important”

Putting other people’s need before your own

Not giving your child attention or not spending enough time with them

“I’m not lovable”

Choosing relationships where you don’t get treated well

Not giving children affection or not saying ‘I Love You’ to them

“Mistakes and failures are bad”


Yelling at your child or withdrawing from them when they make a mistake

“What makes me good enough is having other people think well of me”

Not expressing yourself fully

Worrying more about what other people will think rather than what is good for your child

Introducing Belief Shaping

Belief Shaping is interacting with your child in a way that will encourage positive beliefs. It is the act of consciously answering your child’s internal “why’s”.

It’s understanding how your child will interpret different scenarios, instructions and messages – whether they come from you, teachers, their friends or the media. It’s helping your child shape the beliefs that will serve them and enable them throughout life. It’s stimulating your child to adopt positive beliefs through specific exercises and tools.

Let me give you an example. Say your child draws all over the wall. If you were practicing Belief Shaping, you wouldn’t yell “What’s wrong with you?! Can’t you see what you’ve done?” You would take the crayons from your child, and tell him that you love it when he draws and that he’s so creative, but walls are not for drawing on. If he wants to keep drawing he can go get some paper so he can practice his artwork there. Maybe, if he wants, you could then frame that artwork and put it on the wall when he finishes.

Small gestures like the one above make a monumental difference to growing minds. When you practice Belief Shaping you’re giving your child the gift of positive beliefs. This includes an adulthood enriched by a fulfilling career, a healthy attitude towards money, a passion for life and deep, meaningful relationships with friends, family and their future spouse.


Did you know?

The Lefkoe Method, the principle method behind Belief Shaping method, has been independently verified by a study conducted at the University of Arizona.
 To date, it has helped more than 150,000 people in over 60 different countries around the world!


If you’ve read this far then this must be the kind of life you envision for your child, so I urge you to read the following words very, very carefully…

In the last 30 years I have mastered the art of Belief Shaping by helping people eliminate the beliefs that are at the root of their problems. The principles, exercises, techniques and lessons that form the Belief Shaping method have evolved from years of experience of working with people from every walk of life, around the world.

My personal mission is to teach you how to empower your children to reach their full potential and help create a better life for both you and your child.

The beauty of Belief Shaping is that it doesn’t tell you what to believe or what values you should have as a parent. Instead it gives you the ability to realize whether your parenting is empowering or disempowering your child.

Parenting The Lefkoe Way

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, Parenting The Lefkoe Way is an audio home training program for mastering the art of Belief Shaping through a structured process of lessons, parenting exercises and tools.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’re getting:

  • Powerful yet fun Belief Tools to practice with your child, which will help you to take control of the daily interactions and problems that so often lead to negative beliefs.
  • An opportunity to examine your own beliefs that may get in the way of you being the parent you really want to be.
  • Conscious parenting guidance that gives you expert training on the best way to handle virtually every situation you will encounter as a parent, from nap time to homework to tantrums.
  • Thought-provoking case studies highlighting other parents’ experiences and how they caused or prevented negative belief formation in their children.
  • And much, much more!

Parenting The Lefkoe Way is divided into 7 unique sessions.

Here’s a detailed look at each of them:

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Session 1:

Building the foundation for Belief Shaping

Learn how to get the most out of the program in this essential introductory session. Follow Shelly’s lead as she reveals some of the surprising scenarios in which beliefs are formed, and takes you through a selection of fun exercises for getting in the right frame of mind as a belief-shaping parent.

Highlights include:

  • The Future Pacing exercise: use this to discover what’s truly best for your child’s future and how to give it to them.
  • The ‘imagine you’re a kid again’ visualization: put yourself in your child’s shoes, and find out how your actions really affect him.
  • The often-overlooked 3 A’s that every child needs most.
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Session 2:

Mastering the 5 trickiest negotiations with your child

From getting her to finish her homework, to doing chores, to going to bed, you’re negotiating with your child all day, every day. Discover how to become a master negotiator in 5 of the trickiest daily parenting scenarios, so you can avoid burdening her with limiting beliefs in the process and empower her to create positive ones instead.

Highlights include:

  • The 2 do-or-die questions that should guide every single thing you say and do as a parent.
  • What should you do when your child lies? Shelly’s surprising response to her daughter’s lie, and how it ended up bringing them closer together.
  • The Anger Trap: it’s only human to get angry, but these 3 common parental expressions of anger are particularly devastating to children!
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Session 3:

The negative beliefs that cause ineffective parenting

Let’s not forget that just like your child, you have your own set of negative beliefs too. Learn how these beliefs are affecting your abilities as a parent. This session turns the spotlight on your inner psyche, and reveals what you must do to be a better parent.

Highlights include:

  • What’s your definition of a “good child”? Try this exercise, and discover how your perceptions influence your parenting style.
  • Telling your child “NO”: how to know whether your tough love is doing your child a favor, or hurting her.
  • “Because I said so!” Why this one familiar phrase harms millions of children worldwide every day.
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Session 4:

Self-esteem: the greatest gift you’ll ever give your child

After working with thousands of people, Shelly has found that healthy self-esteem is the key to a happy, successful life, while negative self-esteem underlies virtually every unwanted behavior pattern. In this session you’ll learn how to cultivate unbreakable self-esteem in your child.

Highlights include:

  • How to motivate your child (hint: it doesn’t involve yelling at them when they stumble).
  • The crucial difference between self-esteem and narcissism, so your child grows up self-assured instead of self-centered.
  • Survival strategy beliefs:why even successful people with happy families are not immune to underlying self-esteem issues.
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Session 5:

Essential skills and tools for Belief Shaping

In this engaging session, Shelly shares a selection of powerful parenting skills and tools for nurturing your child’s beliefs and self-esteem. Practice each of them a few times and you’ll find yourself naturally incorporating the principles into your daily parenting habits.

Highlights include:

  • Brainstorming with your child: how to turn a typical workplace activity into an exercise that nurtures your child’s self-esteem and creativity.
  • Is your child hiding something from you, like a problem at school? Try this foolproof technique for getting your child to open up to you (you’ll be surprised at some of the things she tells you).
  • The Possibilities Game: an engaging exercise to remind your child that failure is a necessary step towards success. The perfect pick-me-up if he’s disappointed with his grades or losing a soccer game.
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Session 6:

The harsh truth about your beliefs

Revisiting Session 3, you’ll take an even deeper journey into your personal beliefs and how they’re influencing your parenting style. Discover even more limiting beliefs that could be silently but critically sabotaging your efforts to raise a happy and successful child.

Highlights include:

  • “Am I responsible for my child’s behavior?” Banishing a common misconception that cripples most parents.
  • Why expecting your child to behave like an adult results in children feeling incapable (remember this the next time you get angry).
  • Ice cream for breakfast? An eye-opening experiment on trust, and why our children often deserve more credit than we give them.
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Session 7:

Resisting negative external influences

Learn how outside influences like teachers and the media can influence your child. In this final session you’ll learn to train your child to interpret outside influences in a positive way, even when you’re not physically present.

Highlights include:

  • Consequences versus meaning: the powerful distinction that can help you and your child triumph over any challenge, problem or loss.
  • What to do if your child’s teacher is sabotaging her self esteem (all it takes is a 5-minute conversation).
  • The power of perception: how to train your child to see the positive side of any occurrence so she can take away a constructive lesson from it.

The “switch” that activates your child’s genius…

In the year 2000, the Nobel prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel discovered that our brains choose which genes in our DNA are turned on, based on our thoughts and actions.

What are the fascinating implications of Kandel’s research for your child? That there may be a musical, scientific or academic genius lying dormant in his or her DNA, just as much as there may be an alcoholic or a gambling addict…

Your job as a parent? To help your child form beliefs that that will lead to the thoughts and actions they require to switch on the “good” genes that will lead him or her to a happy and successful future.

And that’s what I’m here to help you do.

Designed for busy parents like you

Let’s be honest: how many parents have the time to drop what they’re doing, and spend hours every day listening to an intensive home training program? Not many, and that’s why Parenting The Lefkoe Way is designed to be an enjoyable learning experience you can study at your own pace.

Play the audios on your computer or iPod and listen to them when you’re relaxing or doing chores. Pop them in your car stereo and listen when you’re running errands or taking the kids to soccer practice. Or go ahead and listen to them when you’re jogging or on the bus.

Unlike other parenting programs, Parenting the Lefkoe Way is a fun and interactive experience. You’ll actually look forward to your sessions with me. Promise!

Even better, the sessions are arranged in a way that lets you learn at your own pace. No need to rush and no need to stress out if your busy schedule requires you to sideline the program for a week or two. In fact, I recommend taking your time and moving on to a new session only when you’re relaxed and completely comfortable with the previous one.

Just stay committed and persistent, and I guarantee you’ll see the changes you want to see in yourself: just like thousands of parents worldwide already have.

And speaking of guarantees…

My Parent-To-Parent Triple Guarantee

3 distinct guarantees for your total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Guarantee #1: Quality

The lessons, techniques, and exercises in Parenting The Lefkoe Way have been designed to exceed your every expectation. We want you to enjoy every second of the program. Even our online membership area, where you’ll find the digital audio tracks, has been built with the greatest of care.

Guarantee #2: Results

When you interact with your Parenting The Lefkoe Way course, you’ll see changes in your parenting style that will absolutely transform the way you interact with your child. The result? When your child starts developing positive beliefs, you’ll notice incredible and lasting changes in the way he or she reacts to the world. Plus, it will make your job as a parent easier!

Guarantee #3: Impact on Your Life

Parenting The Lefkoe Way will help you grow into an empowered, belief-conscious parent who nurtures a happy, successful, and fulfilled child. In fact, I can confidently say that you will identify Belief Shaping as the turning point that changed you and your child for better.

I keep my promises. If for any unlikely reason Parenting The Lefkoe Way doesn’t live up to any of the above three criteria, just send me an email within 60 days of your date of purchase for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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Did you know?

TIME Magazine devoted an issue to parenting, citing it’s deteriorated state and terming American’s kids as a “disadvantaged minority”. The TIME spread was an early warning sign, indicating a dire need for our nation to wake up and re-evaluate the way we parent. Generations of children have experienced the damages, but thankfully there are people working towards reversing those damages.

We hope YOU are one of them!


As a parent, this could be the most important decision you ever make…

From one parent to another, allow me to put this into perspective
for you:

You are responsible for the emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual development of another human being.

It’s a huge responsibility and you need all the backup you can get!

That’s precisely what I’m here to give you. Let me use my 30 years of experience from working with thousands of families to help you shape empowering beliefs in your child. Let me take the guesswork out of parenting for you. Let me help you feel happier, more confident and more fulfilled as a parent.
Let’s together create a world of happy, confident children!

So that you never, ever need to battle that dreaded thought:
“Am I doing the right thing?”

When you start using Parenting The Lefkoe Way you will notice the positive changes immediately. Getting your child to do chores like putting away her toys or dressing herself will be that much easier. Setting rules and boundaries will become effortless. You’ll notice a stronger bond than ever before.

Best of all, these positive changes will only get better as the years go by. Your happy child will grow into a balanced teenager and a successful adult. Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child?

I invite you to take a leap of faith and see what Belief Shaping can do for you and your child’s life.

To you and your child living your fullest life,


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